Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Down Durgapur update

Now Down Durgapur outflow of water is @ 1,10,374 Cusec.

Dwarakeswar river will get 30,000 Cusec more

Last night Dwarakeswar river maintains its water level 3 metre below Danger level at 08.00 p.m. But another 30,000 Cusec of water will feed it by today.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heavy rainfall in Barakar cathement area causes increase in outflow

In the last 24 hours there is 88.4 mm rainfall in the Barakar cathement area causing increase in outflow of water from Maithon Dam. The combined release controlled by DVC  was @ 85,000 Cusec at 10.30 a.m  today out of which Maithon had @ 35,000 Cusec and Panchet had @ 50,000 Cusec. There is further heavy rainfall in Durgapur catchement area with a record of 90 mm approximately. From 08.00 p.m tonight down Durgapur outflow is 1,00,000 Cusec which may increase roughly by 15,000 Cusec more when the full load of combined discharge will reach Durgapur.

One thing is to be noted that DVC does not control the release from Durgapur barrage. It is controlled by Govt. of West Bengal. Actually DVC releases water after getting clearence from the Central Water Commission from both the Panchet and Maithon Dams. After the release from both the Dams, the water reaches Durgapur barrage after 10 to 12 hours. The riverine path in between the said two dams and Durgapur barrage, contains good number of small canals and cathement area which add more water to the combined release from DVC. Once it reaches Durgapur barrage, the Durgapur barrage has to release the full inflow of DVC as Durgapur barrage has no significant capacity to modify the release of combined release from DVC dams. After the release from Durgapur barrage, there are further many a river, canal, uncontrolled cathement area which further add water to down Durgapur outflow.

So, in brief, release from Durgapur contains the release of combined release from Maithon and Panchet and  further enhanced by the water of down Durgapur areas.

Of late it is much critised in some media that state government compelled DVC to release water in a controlled manner which might cause DVC to release high discharge at a time. It might cause huge flood. But this type of reporting is devoid of ground reality and quite misleading.

Rainfall occurs in different catchement areas in different times. Further the intensity of rainfall is not uniform in nature and highly uncertain. In last few days, state govt. took a very wise decision by asking DVC to release water in a controlled manner. If DVC discharged water according to the maximum permissible limit of DVRRC manual it might cause huge flood since down Maithon and Panchet dams and down Durgapur barrage were loaded with heavy rainfall simultaneously. As discharge from Maithon and Panchet roughly (For 1,00000 Cusec) takes 10-12 hours time to reach Durgapur, if DVC controlled release in a low rate for few hours, by that time the water came from down Panchet and Maithon and Down Durgapur might be cleared. So, at that stage increase release from Panchet and Maithon might not increase the release from Durgapur any more. It was actually happened in last few days.

So, the decision of the state govt. is a practical and prudent one.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Damodar is still above danger level

At Arambagh on date at 09.00 a.m Damodar is 0.1 Metre above danger level while Mundeswari is just 0.5 metre below of danger level.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Independence Day celebrated in a creative way

Celebration of India's 65 Independence Day at Arambagh has not been a routine one. It has a sense of
rejuvenating human resource in different ways.

Amidst an atmosphere contemplating socio-political tension all over the sub-division, office of the Sub-divisional Magistrate organized the sub-divisional inter school football tournament with the help of the Sub-divisional sports association to bring peace and normalcy two weeks ago. Today on the 15 August Balibela High School got laurel in the final match held at Jubilee Park. Besides the tremendous applause they bagged a beautiful trophy donated by Mr. Iqbal Ahmed, a Member of Legislative Assembly from Khanakul Assembly Constituency. The football lovers welcome the move considering it is a new prelude of popularizing football once again.

In the morning Mr. Arindam Niyogi, Sub-divisional Magistrate hoisted the National flag in due respect at his office as usual.

This apart, many a organization celebrated the day most enthusiastically. Playing of Rabindra Sangeet and patriotic songs in every corner was an inevitable scene to see. But the most inspired programme was held a Mobarakpur under Arambagh Block where Bandhan organization had arranged for plantation of trees. Legendary physician Dr. Manojit Moohkerjee who is also a pioneer in protecting environment has inaugurated the event on the embankment of the river Darakeswar with a touchy address that everybody would plant at least a tree when a new baby was born in the family. He said, ‘the tribes follow it.” Among others, Mr. Krishna Chandra Santra, MLA, Arambagh graced the occasion.  

Down Durgapur outflow much reduced

Good Morning everybody. Happy Independence Day, A good news for all of us. Down Durgapur barrage outflow of water is grossly reduced. Today from 06.00 a.m it is @108856 Cusec.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Relief in Progress, canal waters get misery to Khankul

Since the outflow of Down Durgapur is reduced, water level in Mundeswari river is not increasing any more. However, the canal water invades Natibpur, Palashpai area of Khankul-II block. There are 09 relief camps where some 1500 people take shelter in both Khanakul-I & II blocks.
Terpolin sent @ 20,000 to each of the Khanakul -I & II blocks, 20 Qts of puffed rice also sent to both the blocks. GRE  rice will be arrived shortly.
02 machines of the Public Health Engineering Department are making water pouch. Out of 16000 water pouch made so far, let alone 10,000 pouch sent to Khanakul II block and remaining to other areas.
Medical teams riding on boat are being sent to certain places to check infectious diseases.
Sub-divisional Magistrate Sri Arindam Niyogi himself is supervising the entire system round the clock.
For assistance please dial +91 3211 255008.

DVC further reduced water discharge rate

Good News once again. DVC reduced its discharge both from Maithon & Panchet, It is now @85,000 Cusec.

Combined release from DVC reduced, hope to be out of danger

DVC reduced its combined release of water from Maithon and Panchet reservoirs at the present rate of outflow @95000 Cusec. Combined release comes to Durgapur Barrage which is not under control of DVC, but by Govt. of West Bengal. Durgapur is not a reservior having capability of mdifying the discharge of DVC. It is a mere barrage. Since there is no significant rainfall in the down Durgapur area, so rate of outflow including combined discharge of DVC will be reduced.
If the situation remains in this way, south Bengal may avoid further danger.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

People of Balipur get Ministers' visit.

 Hon'ble Ministers with DM 
West Bengal State Industry Minister Sri Partha Chatterjee met the flood affected people of Balipur under Khanakul-I Block at Balipur Melatala High School this evening along with Sri Rachpal Singh, Tourism Minister; Parvez Rahaman, MLA; Sri Sripriya Rengarajan, IAS, DM; Sri Tanmoy Roy Chowdhury, IPS, SP; Sri Arindam Niyogi, WBCS (Exe), SDM; Sri Suprabhat Chatterjee, WBCS (Exe), BDO of Khanakul-I Block. Sri Chatterjee brought dry food with him at his own cost to give aid to the distressed people of that locality. He further assured that every possible assistance will be provided to the flood affected people without any political discrimination.

MIC Partho Chatterjee sets an example for flood relief

Todat state Industry Minister Patho Chatterjee has been visiting the flood affected areas of this Sub-division. He has visited Ramchandrapur of Khanakul, Kota of Goghat, Bulundi of Arambagh and now in the evening on the way to Balipur and Udna village.
He brings around 04 MT. of dry food including babyfood, biscuits etc. out of his own to help the distress people. His generous personal contribution is equally divided to all four assembly constituencies.

Down Durgapur outflow sightly reduced

Right now down Durgapur outflow slightly reduced @137026 Cusec from @143000 Cusec as the lower uncontrolled cannals do not bear much rainwater on date. However since DVC has increased the combined release from both the Panchet & Maithon, it may further rise a little bit. But if the situation remains the same that means no further rainfall in the upper catchement area of Damodar, down Durgapur release would be more or less the same.

Devastating Flood is apprehending -------

Last night from 02.00 a.m Water discharge from down Durgapur barrage is @ 1,43,000 Cusec which has a possibility to be raised @ 2,00,000 Cusec by tonight. Since there was wide spread rainfall in the Damodar Cathchement area in the last night, inflow in Tenughat Dam is further increasing which may cause DVC  to release more from both the Maithon & Panchet reservoirs shortly.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Uninterrupted rainning calls for another calamity

Tonight at 09.00 p.m onwards discharge rate of water from Durgapur barrage is 1,18,356 Cusec while combined discharge from Maithon and Panchet resevoirs has slightly increased from 84,000 Cusec to 94,000 Cusec from 02.00 p.m onwards. The combined release may take around 10 hours to reach Durgapur barrage when down Durgapur may increase further.  

At noon on date some 250 persons of 70 families are shifted to nearby three schools as water from the river Aamodar enters  in Sutunia and Kuliakota-Nakunda village of Goghat - I block . One Gayatri Pratihar is reportedly died of snake bite near  Raghubati of the  the same block. At Khanakul -II  some 25 families are shifted to safe  place. Heavy soil erosion takes place in Ramchandrapur, Chakbese, Banamalipur of Malaypur -II G.P and Majaffarpur in Harinkhola-I G.P related to Mundeswari river. Repair is in progress in all places. Mundeswari river is very near to danger level while Damodar touches it.

IMD did forecast of heavy rainfall around 25-52 mm in the upper catchement of Damodar in the next 24 hours. If it is happened the situation will be worsen. Rain water already spread over a huge agricultural land. State Industry Minister Parha Chatterjee will visit some places tomorrow.
For assistance one can dial 03211-25008. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Latest condition of Flood discharge

At about 09.00 p.m tonight Tenughat reservoir started discharging water @95,000 Cusec approximately as the inflow raised in 2,01000 Cusec by that time. Last night Himgiri and Lalgarh under the state of Jarkhand witnessed heavy rainfall from 02.00 a.m to 05.00 a.m causing massive inflow in the Tenughat Dam which is a contributory to the inflow of Panchet Dam. The later received an inflow @1,15000 Cusec while released @80,000 Cusec after moderation. Maithon discharged @4,000 Cusec as usual while the inflow is @18000 Cusec.

One person washed away at Goghat-II Block

Asanur Gayen, a young man of around 22 years old of Gurulia bhatsala near Paschimpara under Goghat-II block is reportedly washed away by high speed of water this afternoon while he was going near Tarajuli canal area under the Goghat-II block.

Flood affected Khanakul-II

12 Villages namely Sasapota, Hanua, Dhaldanga, Sundarpur, Banhijli, Ramchandrapur, Nandanpur, Jagatpur, Bar-nandanpur, Ghoradaha, Radhakrishnapur, Kamdebchak  of 4 Gram Panchayats namely Jagatpur, Marokhana, Dhanyaghori and Rajhati-I under Khanakul-II Development Block have been inundated due to heavy water spilling from Ghoradaha Canal of Mundeshwari river as well as from the water of Rupnarayan and Silabati River.              

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flood situation updated

Situation in most of the places of Arambagh is normal. Strict vigil is being made on the embankments of the river Damodar and Mundeswari. Sub-divisional Magistrate himself will visit Jagatpur area tomorrow morning. As per latest communication, discharge from Durgapur is 82850 Cusec which includes the combined discharge from Panchet & Maithon 62000 Cusec as before. Rainfall in the Damodar catchement area is decreasing. Unless heavy raining, the situation will be improving from tomorrow. 

Latest flood situation

Water is entering through canal at Ghoradaha of Jagatpur Gram Panchayat under Khanakul-II block. Consequently, water has also entered in 10 low lying villages of Jagatpur GP, Dhanyaghori GP, Marokhana GP & Rajhati GP. This situation is happened due to high tide of river Dwarakeswar & river Shilabati of Ghatal. However, no shifting of family is needed so far.

Flood : anxiety and relief come together.

Down Durgapur discharge is reduced at 80,000 from 88,000 Cusec of 11.00 p.m last night. The reverine distance from Durgapur to Pursurah Block situated in the bank of the river Damodar is 115 k.m approximately. So, last niight discharge of 88,000 Cusec will hit Pursurah with its full load by 4 p.m today. The downstream of Damodar touches the Primary Danger level at 11.00 a.m today.  High alert is necessary at least up to 11.00 p.m tonight.

Another flood warning

At 11.00 p.m last night, Durgapur dam released 87,575 CuSec. Pursurah block has a riverine distance of 115 K.M approximately. It is expected that the full load will hit Pursurah after 11 hours roughly. It may cause another flood like situation in the Khanakul I & II blocks and Pursurah wholelly while a portion of the Arambagh Block would be affected.
This is not the end of misery. Further, massive rainfall of 52-75 ml in the Damodar catchment area is foreseen. So, better to be prepared for another battle.
Sub-divisional administratinon already opens a control room at SDO office, Arambagh. People in distress can call 03211 -255008 round the clock, assured the Sub-divisional Magistrate Arindam Niyogi.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Death anniversary of Tagore to be observed officially on 08 August

Invitation Card of I & CA Office, Arambagh