Saturday, September 28, 2013

Financial assistance to the folk artistes : Last date - 30 Sep 2013

A) They can apply for enlistment of their names for receiving assignments of publicity works. As soon as their names will be approved as well as included in the list they will start getting at least Rs. 1000 per month and can expect a payment up to Rs. 4000 per month subject to availability of works. For this scheme the last date is the 30 Sep 2013.
B)  Financially weak or physically infirm folk artistes can get Rs. 750 per month as financial help. For this there is no time limit. For both cases the details can be had from the local Information and Cultural Office of each sub division and district.

Respected viewers, your personal initiative can help a folk artiste to get the benefit any of the schemes. So, please try to circulate it in the interest of humanity. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A legendary educationist at Khanakul breaths his last.

Mr. Khagendranath Bhattacharjee, renowned thinker and former Head Master of Sekendarpur Rai K.P Pal Bahadur High School (Higher Secondary) passes away this morning at Khanakul where Raja Rammohun  Roy was once born.

Khagenbabu was famous for his unmatched command over grammar in English. With him Sekendarpur High School reaches to its pinnacle of higher learning. That apart, his contribution to the locality in the sphere of education as well as social reforms will ever be remembered by the commoners.