Sunday, September 16, 2012

Electric train runs between Arambagh and Tarakeswar

This evening Union Railway Minister Shri Mukul Roy formally shows green signal to an EMU at Arambagh railway station which was previously renamed Prafulla Chndra Sen who was once CM of West Bengal to depart for Tarakeswar railway station under Eastern Railway.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Newly "married" couple in custody at Natibpur

A few minutes ago Sri Gautam Sanyal, the Block Development Officer of Khanakul -ll community development block gets an information that an underage girl of around 12 years is being married at Natibpur village. 

Sri Sanyal rushes to the spot with  police and finds that the girl allegedly from the nearby Ghatal Sub-division of Paschim Medinipur village is already tied its knot with a guy who himself seems to be under aged. 

Both of them are taken in to Khanakul police station for further inquiry. Sri Sanyal in last few weeks has stopped several  attempts of  child marriage in the said block area. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Raped mother left the child, Super cares at Arambagh S. D Hospital

Dr. Nirmalya Roy examines the new born

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Emergent repair works progress on Mundesari embankment near Harinkhola

With water level decreasing land sliding is common from the river embankments. So is in the case of Mozzarpharpur under Harinkhola –I G.P under Arambagh Block where emergent is repairing is being made at this moment on the embankment of the river Mundeswari. People of that locality would be alert.
Tomorrow at about 11.30 a.m SDM Arindam Niyogi with Superintending Engineer of the Irrigation & Waterways Department will visit the spot. 

Durgapur reduces water release

Today from 06.00 a.m the water release from Durgapur barrage is reduced @ 65423Cusec. There is no harm now at Arambagh

Friday, August 17, 2012

DVC issued Flood Warning !!!!

DVC issued flood warning for below Mathon area. Hence, Arambagh is under such caution.

Durgapur enhances water release

Now down Durgapur release is 85723 cusec. It may increase further.

Mundeswari river crossed primary danger level

Now down Durgapur release reaches at 83350 Cusec which inculdes the combined DVC release of 41000 Cusec.

Maithon and Panchet reserviors are under the controled of DVC while Durgapur is under the control of the West Bengal Govt.

The combine release from both Panchet and Maithon is termed as "combined release" from DVC.
It reaches Durgapur barrage and Durgapur finally releases water to Damodar river. Damodar river is further divided as Mundeswari and Damodar at Burdwan.

As there is huge uncontrolled areas in between Maithon/Panchet and Durgapur, the combined release of DVC may further increase at Durgapur owing to heavy rainfall in that uncontrolled catchement areas.

It is apprehended that down Durgapur release may touch 90,000 cusec soon.

Water level increasing in both Damodar and Mundeswari rivers

Owing to heavy rainfall in the uncontrolled catchment areas the water release from Durgapur dam is 77286 Cusec now. The rate of discharge may increase further. Consequently the water level is increasing in the down Durgapur areas.

However, there is no flood warning so far.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Arambagh will soon be a district assures SDM on 66 Independence Day

Amidst usual allure and revere the 66th Independence day of ours is celebrated this morning at Arambagh when the Sub-divisional Magistrate of Arambagh has hoisted the national flag of India in front of his office at 09.05 a.m

The Police salute him and a huge number of spectators start humming “Janaganamana _____”, the national anthem of India.

Later, a well versed cultural programme and an elucidative speech made by Prof. Bijoy Krishna Ghosh, Ex-Principal of Arambagh Netaji Cooege on the history of Indian independence elevate the mood of a dignified audience to a level where from all of them present there take a pledge to do something constructive from today.

Renowned artistes like Dipanjan Chatterjee, Madan Barik, Shanti Nath Saha; poet Sadadhan Barik; educationist Sisir Dolui. Swapan Dey turn the atmosphere in a memorable one.

As part of this celebration an inter - schools Quiz competition was organized by the Information & Cultural Office yesterday where Arambagh High School (H.S) baged the first prize while Sodepur High School (H.S) and Kumursha High School (H.S) had secured the second and third position respectively. The student-competitors are awarded by the SDM on date.

In his speech SDM Sri Niyogi asuures that the administration will continue its receptionist friendly attitude which has been experienced by the commoners during his tenure more expressively for  enjoying social service and accessing public information promptly. He further points out the recent development in this sub-division and hopes that this sub-division will enjoy the status of a new district soon.


In his welcome speech the Sub-divisional Information & Cultural Officer, Bhaskar jyoti Bera mentions the pro active role of the sub-divisional administration for peaceful execution of law during the four cases in less than one month for stopping underage girls’ marriage. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

A crusader Arindam gets tireless to stop underage marriage

Last night a marriage ceremony was started at Goswamipara under Goghat police station at about 10.30 p.m when a minor girl was forced to wed someone of Chandrokona  area under Paschim Medinipur district. All of a sudden Deputy Magistrate Santiram Gorai in compliance with the order of the Sub-divisional Magistrate Arindam Niyogi arrived at that place and approached Mr. Tapan Goswami, the ignorant father of that girl to stop such illegal marriage. The parents having been fully convinced had given an undertaking that they would allow their daughter to be educated and self reliant before attaining her marriageable age. A peaceful enforcement of an essential law to eradicate the juvenile marriage had completed by 1.30 a.m this morning.
In less than one month consecutive four successful initiatives have been spreading a message fast to the commoners that administration would no longer sleep to end this social curse like immature marriage.  And it is Mr. Arindam Niyogi who will be remembered in the days to come for blowing the whistle.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Child marriage lovers stay away from Arambagh

No theory but practice ; not once but contiguously; not as a duty but as a dedication to eradicate a social evil  like child marriage from society Arindam Niyogi, the Sub-divisional Magistrate of Arambagh has been taking one after another exemplary initiative to stop marriage of young girls before attaining their marriageable age, i,e 18 years prior to the time they are not both legally and medically considered to be sound enough to carry on their post wedding responsibilities.

Today with his direction Deputy Magistrate Santiram Gorai and BDO of Arambagh Community Development Block Mrinal Kanti Guin went to Salepur village and prevented Pradip Pandit to give marry to their minor daughter to a primary school teacher of Haripal under Chandannagore Sub-division. Instead of power play, a good counselling makes the parents of that young girl convinced that their daughter needs nourishment and education now. And the sub-divisional administration will happily extend financial assistance to clear her forthcoming Higher Secondary examination.

On the eve of India's 66 Independence Day, it not mere words but a practical execution of law in a humanitarian way  stops a social nuisance which may inspire other to follow this golden path of ensuring women rights in broader sense.    

Friday, June 8, 2012

Waste Water Management at Arambagh Sub-divisional Hospital can show path to the rest.

The low marshy land full of weeds adjacent to the Arambagh Sub-divisional Hospital  has now been transformed in to a well planned garden by land filling from 3 to 12 feet wherever it is felt necessary under the leadership of Dr. Manojit Mookherjee, ex - physician who motivates people from all strata of society to come forward and contribute according to their capacity to make the waste water management programme  with greenery as an effective as well as exemplary one.

 Having experienced the contribution of Dr. Mookherjee who sets a model for the developing countries for the management of bio-medical waste and the greenery with multipurpose environmental values the District Magistrate of Hooghly recommended his name for Indira Gandhi Parjabaran Puraskar-2010.       

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chief Minster's visit At Arambagh on 04 June

Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal will inaugurate the historical train journey from Arambagh City to Tarakeswar on 04 June 2012, Monday at about 05.00 p.m. Besides she will announce and participates in some of the programmes of the state govt. from the same venue.

Programme (may be revised) at a glance :

i)             Inauguration of Railway Service at  Arambagh
ii)           Distribution of Patta including Nijo Griho Nijo Bhumi Prakalpa to 100 nos of       
iii)          Distribution of Gitanjali Housing for Minorities Certificate to 61 nos of Beneficiaries
iv)           Distribution of Kishan Credit Card to  30 nos of Beneficiaries
v)            Distribution of Power Tiller to 15 nos of Beneficiaries
vi)           Distribution of  SC/ST/OBC Certificate to 50 nos of Beneficiaries
vii)         Inauguration of Integrated Minority Development Scheme
viii)      Foundation Stone laying of Minority Bhawan
ix)           Distribution of Cheques of High School Class Room to 9 nos of Headmasters.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

আটপৌরে হয়ে রবীন্দ্রনাথ ধরা পড়লেন মানুষের মনে, আরামবাগে আজ “রবিপ্রভা”- য়।

The 152 birth anniversary of Tagore is being observed by
the Information & Cultural Office, Sub-divisional administration
& the Arambagh Panchayat Samity at the office premises of
the Sub-divisional Magistrate, Arambagh, Hooghly

Invitation Card of 25 Baisakh, birth anniversary of Tagore

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Duty not, dedication matters for social development : Sripriya

Harinkhola -II G.P tops in generating highest
working days under MGNREGS

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wild elephants invade Goghat -1 Block

With the setting Sun the Elephants are snapped by
 Arindam Niyogi, SDM of Arambagh at Goghat -1 Block.
A group of 25 wild elephants invaded Goghat -1 Block this morning and arrived Nakunda G.P for a short stay. One Manasa Roy had shown "heroism" by disturbing them. Instead of killing him, the elephants just pushed him aside resulting a minor leg injury. Block Development Officer Jayanta Mondal spared his car to admit Mr. Roy in a nearby hospital. Sub-divisional Magistrate Arindam Niyogi himself has been monitoring the situation in presence of the Forest Officer Mr. Chandrasekhar Mahato.

At about 11-50 p.m the wild animals has crossed the Goghat - 1 BDO office and marched towards Bhik das area. The Sub-divisional administration has tried its best to drive them away. But none is not sure about the nature of the apparently peaceful beasts. So, villagers would take care of themselves.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vetiver grows well at Udna village

On the National Voters' Day (25 January) this year the Vetiver was planted by Srpriya Rengarajan, IAS, District Collector of Hooghly at Udna village for the first time in the history of West Bengal with a view to preventing soil erosion from the river embankment. Today a high level expert committee comprsing of Shantanoo Bhattacharyya, Hony. Director of the Eastern India Vetiver Network, Ramen Karmakar, Sub-divisional Officer of Irrigation and Suprabhat Chatterjee, WBCS (Exe), Block Development Officer of Khanakul -1 visited 400 mts long planted area and epxpressed satisfaction about the growth rate of the plant. Now toe line touching the river water will be managed by planting different types of  Ipomoeas which can be survived even when they are under water for weeks.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Science models enthral the inquisitive at Hetamchak

Do you have a mobile phone? Ok. Then start typing the toll free number as soon as you reach the main entrance of Science Exhibition inaugurated this evening at a very remote village namely Hetamchak of Pursurah Block under Hooghly district and prepare yourself for an astonishing experience that the gate is automatically being opened whenever you connected with your mobile network. Every network, be it BSNL, Vodafone, Uninor, Reliance, Airtel has its separate toll free number to open the gate. The chief scientist of this Exhibition, organized by the Hetamchak Pragati Sangha,  Mr. Tapaskumar Bera said that it is technically possible to open the gate anywhere from India without coming here. If we can think of its probable usefulness in our domestic life, the scope is immense, uttered a curious housewife previously getting worried to protect her valuable household gadgets.

Just crossing the main gate, a visitor will see a fountain the motion of which is responding by your own clapping.  Now, welcome to that living science laboratory. To start with one can see the evolution of sound system through models. It is followed by a display of a series of clay models revealing the journey of human being to the modern civilization.

Well, eager to have an experience of something funny?  No problem.  Just try your luck. Through a coin on a plate, wait for a few nano seconds, get a capsule dropped from the nearby tree, uncover the same and get “wise man’s advice” about your fortune / misfortune.  It is simply fascinating how the principle of science is being applied to give us fun.

Perhaps, most of us experienced that cricket match is often hampered due to rain. Had it been possible cover the whole stadium automatically as soon as the raining started, we would not be deprived of experiencing the uninterrupted tension per ball. A technology is fortunately here. A model has sliding roof. Water drops in a sensor, and the roof is automatically started closing the open air. Raining stops, the roof is now again open for abundant light. This technology may be applied to our residential flats also. To use the balcony both to be open and closed according our need, we can apply it.

These are not all. We mention a few. There are a lot more to be found out by you yourselves.  But the most interesting thing in this science exhibition which is being dedicated to the auspicious memory of the great Indian scientist Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy is that most of the apparatus used for preparing the models are taken from the domestic waste.  

The organizer, Hetamchak  Prgati Sangha has been organizing this exhibition for last 28 years without receiving any organizational help. This year the Sub-divisional Information & Cultural Office has extended its support with a view to getting people familiar with the incredible world of science & technology. Red Cross through its Arambagh Chapter helps the organizer to arrange Blood donation Camp as part of this exhibition. Seminar on scientific issues, campaign for literacy and cultural programmes are other things that may be experienced with.

This evening is being remembered by many, when Mr. Subhankar Sarkar, Deputy Magistrate inaugurated the exhibition in presence of Mr. Ashis Baran Samanta, Additional District Inspector of Schools (Secondary Education) and Mr. Bhaskar jyoti Bera, Sub-divisional Information & Cultural Officer of Arambagh.

Getting interested?  Fine.  Do arrive at Tarakeswar Railway Station (Eastern Railway). Catch a public vehicle moving towards “Dihibhurshut” or “Udaynarayanpur” and remember to drop yourself at “Hetamchak Primary School Stoppage”. Now you have arrived safely. Need further assistance? Then do not hesitate to call Mr. Sanjoy Adak, Secretary of the Hetamchak Pragati Sangha at +91 94345 03716.

But hurry up. The exhibition will end this year on 15 March.

Wish you an enlightened journey!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Vetiver plantation - Udna village lands in history.

Source: The Anandabazar Patrika 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Arambagh Book Fair - 2012 awaits you