Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hooghly District Magistrate visits villagers door to door to ensure fearless polling at Arambagh

With the general election to the West Bengal legislative assembly -2011 knocking, measures have been taking to ensure overwhelming and free voting at the Arambagh sub-division of Hooghly district. Central force are already deployed in the remotest areas of six blocks viz, Pursurah, Arambagh, Khanakul-l&ll and Goghat-I&ll to restore law and order after a long political followed by antisocial turmoil.

To add more, Ms. Sripriya Rengarajan, District Magistrate & District Collector herself along with the Sub-divisional Magistatrate of Arambagh Mr. Arindam Niyogi yesterday visited the houses of the “politically distressed” people of Khanakul, Goghat and Pursurah to experience their exact condition. Both the magistrates reached many  a village of those community development blocks without huge police force with a view to knowing the minds of villagers who got rare chance to meet the highest level officers to share their hearts freely.

Ms. Rengarajan gave her own contact number and took the same from the villagers to keep in touch regularly. Having seen that both the D.M and the S.D.O are coming to their own places by walking from a long distance, people are very happy since they fail to remember when for the last time the top officer of the Hooghly district administration had come to meet them. They got more relieved when they heard that the administration would take every possible step to create fearless atmosphere for free polling as asserted by Mr. Arindam Niyogi, S.D.O, Arambagh.