Sunday, May 22, 2011

Connoisseur of Indian renaissance, Raja Rammohun Roy be remembered on his 240 birthday

Reminiscence of Raja's house

At the age of 16, Rammohun Roy, the pioneer of Indian renaissance and the greatest futurist of Bengal was forced to depart his paternal house for his strong belief in monotheism causing a personality clash with his father Ramkanta Banerjee who being a conservative Hindu Bramhin and to whom the then collector of Burdwan district attributed high opinion as the “most respectable man in the district” was an ardent propagator of polytheism. Before that Rammohun was married thrice while his first wife was expired one year after the wedlock when Rammohun was just nine years old.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DM posted senior Magistrate at Goghat P.S

To eliminate the least possible chance of distorting peaceful ambiance of Goghat I  & ll blocks, District Magistrate and District Collector Ms. Sripriya Rengarajan, IAS posted Sri Ranjan Chakrabprty, a senior Executive Magistrate at Goghat to guide Police of that area to maintain social harmony. Sri Chakrabarty, WBCS (Exe) will be available with 94341 76579, said Sri Arindam Niyogi, Sub-divisional Magistrate of Arambagh.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Democracy wins - Peace prevails

A brief result of all four A.Cs of Arambagh sub-div.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zero tolerance for post poll violence stands Administration

Last minute checking at midnight
Another two companies Central Paramilitary Armed Force deployed at Arambagh this evening besides the 47 companies already positioned. Earlier Sub-divisional Magistrate proclaimed 144 Cr. P.C at Badangaunj-Falui-l & ll, Shyambazar and Pachimpara areas under Goghat police station to stop post poll violence which was reportedly started a few after a massive poll of 88% in this sub-division. The administration started special patrolling before the end of poll yesterday. Both SDM & SDPO themselves were on the field. It helped the polling personnel to reach safely at the receiving centre at Arambagh Girls’ College. Even after the midnight the polling officers were patiently checking all the material and forms required to be submitted at the said venue. Sri Arindam Niyogi, SDM allows people to call him cell phone directly to settle the law and order in no time.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

R.O removes Presiding Officer even before poll starts

Immediately after the midnight of 02 May, when Sri Arindam Niyogi, SDM & RO of 200 Arambagh (S.C) A.C has been visiting the polling stations of his jurisdictional area finds a Presiding Officer of booth no - 203A fails to maintain "impartiality" causing the later to be replaced at once at  Ragpur Primary School under Arambagh Police Station. It is an alarm to all to act as per law in the morning of 3 May 2011. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Polling personnels are set to go

Beating the burning heat today the polling personnels of all four assembly constituencies namely 199 - Pursurah, 200- Arambagh (S.C), 201 - Goghat (S.C) & 202 - Khanakul A.C of Arambagh sub-division are gradually moving to theirs respective polling stations. In the early morning they are checking the polling materials and getting familiar with one another in the distribution centres.
Out of 787 Main Polling Stations (Pursurah-187; Arambagh-213; Goghat - 196; Khanakul- 191) and 267 Auxiliary Polling stations (Pursurah - 79; Arambagh - 56; Goghat - 54; Khanakul - 78)  554 booths -
Age -wise voters of all four A.Cs of Arambagh sub-division
( Pursurah - 172; Arambagh- 119; Goghat - 72; Khanakul - 181)  are considered to be critical. Number of total voters of the whole of Arambagh Sub-division is 833816 out of which 434588 are male, 399225 are female and 3 belong to others. Sri Arindam Niyogi, Sub-divisional Magistrate and Returning Officer of 200- Arambagh (S.C) A.C is personally supervising the distribution centre at Arambagh to ensure smooth voting arrangement.
 Besides every possible measure is being taken to help voters to cast their vote fearlessly. Micro observers are being deployed to number of booths. Sector Magistrates are patrolling tirelessly to eradicate the least hindrance which may spoil polling atmosphere. Any aggrieved person is free to contact Observers, Returning Officers or the Officer - in - Charge of the respective police stations as and when necessary. In fine, all are waiting for a happy end.